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23 Reasons Why Working From Home Sucks!

Following on from my previous post ’23 reasons why working from home rocks’ ¬†here’s a look at the alternative view.

Working from home sucks because:

1. You’re working in isolation most of the time.

2. Possible loss of routine.

3. You have less social interaction.

4. You lose the office buzz and banter.

5. You may put unforeseen stress on family relationships.

6. It needs great discipline.

7. There’s no outside pressure to be busy.

8. It needs high levels of motivation.

9. There’s no peer pressure.

10. No one is there to chat with over lunch.

11. There’s no split between home and work.

12. It takes up space at home.

13. It creates mess at home.

14. It’s easy to work too many hours.

15. It’s easy to work too few hours.

16. You can easily put things off until tomorrow.

17. It’s too easy for friends and family to just ‘pop in’.

18. There’s additional costs with separate phone lines or broadband connection.

19. There’s no handy helpdesk to fix your computer although you could always try turning it off and on again :-)

20. There’s nowhere to easily hold customer meetings.

21. It can be perceived as being less professional by customers.

22. Putting your home address on correspondence could be seen as ‘small time’.

23. There’s no commute home to help you mentally switch off from work.

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