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Negotiation Skills

Who will benefit from attending:

This workshop is a highly practical workshop with lots of ‘learning by negotiating’ rather than listening to theory. As such it is perfect for those wanting to negotiate better deals to improve ‘the bottom line’.
It is suitable for both buyers and sellers as the negotiation principles and behaviours are the same. In fact most learnings are gained when both buyers and sellers attend.
It is particularly suited to those working closely with a retail customer or negotiating with suppliers as part of their daily role.
NOTE: This is a TOUGH, DEMANDING course solely designed to improve a set of negotiation skills ranging from ‘haggling’ at one extreme through to collaberative, ‘open book’ relationships at the other. Please don’t attend if you are unwilling to give the necessary commitment to improve.


Delegates will learn:

  • The key differences between selling and negotiating…and why it matters.
  • The essential behaviours of a skilled negotiator and how this impacts upon the success of the negotiation
  • How to manage stress in a negotiation
  • Why ‘winning’ has nothing to do with successful negotiation.
  • How to trade concessions appropriately
  • How to value the deal


Workshop Outline:

  • What is negotiation?
  • How to prepare for a negotiation
  • The importance of ‘getting inside the head’ of the other party
  • The conditional trading of concessions
  • How to avoid ‘deadlock’ without compromising your position
  • How to negotiate as a team
  • How to successfully control stress in a negotiation
  • How to use agendas successfully
  • How to avoid giving away your position too easily
  • How to spot what the other party actually means as opposed to what they say.

Workshop Duration:

Two very full days with evening preparation work required on day 1.



Workshop Cost:

£900 per person (plus VAT)



Workshop Dates:

For the latest list of available dates please contact Gary on 01476 516282 or e-mail


Workshop Location:

The workshops are held either in-company or on an ‘open course’ basis (usually in Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire).

****’No quibble’ money back guarantee****

If this workshop fails to deliver real business building ideas that you can use immediately and you feel that you’ve had poor value from the session you will receive a full 100% refund….guaranteed.


Not quite what you were looking for? Let’s talk on 01476 516282 or see other sales training workshops here