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Attracting and keeping high value customers is the ‘holy grail’ for any small business and in this 45 minute MP3 masterclass you’ll discover:

*How to attract high quality,high value customers..and keep them.

*The number one sales secret that gets more customers coming to you more often.

*Why’cold calling’ could be slowly destroying your business.

*How easy it is to make your business stand out from the crowd …you won’t believe how easily you can do this.

*The three deadly mistakes no business should ever make.

Many businesses are still making these mistakes and they virtually guarantee one-off cut-price sales.

In this SALES MASTERCLASS Gary Gorman will help you take the first steps to becoming a true ‘customer magnet.’

Grab the MP3 now for just £12.00

or the transcription for just £7.00


Not sure whether Twitter can deliver actual business or is just a waste of time?

Let me walk you though the exact steps I took to get over £10,000 of new business on Twitter


A lot of people tell me that they haven’t got any business from it, but to be honest with you I think that’s down to them expecting Twitter to do too much.


Social Media is a networking tool not a selling tool. It is a part of a businesses marketing campaign.

And Twitter is incredibly useful if used properly.

It can help your business by:

  • Developing a loyal band of people who over time grow to know, like and trust you. Some of these will buy from you when the time and offer is right.
  • Generating traffic to your website. If this can be linked with an auto responder to catch their contact details then you are beginning to build up a strong database.
  • Finding out what the latest topic hot is in your niche, which means you can be ready and waiting with an appropriate solution to the latest issue or problem.
  • Testing out ideas for free with a group of ‘critical friends’
  • Learning from others in your niche
  • Getting information out quickly to customers, or even, employees

…and I’m sharing the best way to do all these things in this 60 minute audio interview.


You will learn:

*How I generated over £10,000 of brand new business using Twitter alone
*How to incorporate twitter into your overall marketing strategy so that it works for you and your business
*How to develop a loyal and responsive group of followers on Twitter
*How to convert followers into life-long loyal customers who rave about you and your business
*How to you ensure you don’t waste hours and hours “tweeting” and at the end of it have nothing to show for it.


*All about the different tools and resources that are available to make “tweeting” simple and less time consuming.
*The Twitter language – what the different terminology means (such as DM, @reply, #, Follow Friday etc) and how to use it effectively

*Why the size of your following isn’t everything.


Having listened to this telephone interview you will know exactly how to incorporate Twitter into your overall marketing strategy and exactly how to use it to generate sales.

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Grab the MP3 now for just £12.00