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30 Day Sales Challenge

‘I would totally recommend this book to anyone who is in business, starting a business, or even thinking of starting a business. It’s frank, honest, easy to read and I love the workbook style. This should be required reading for business owners everywhere’

Graham Frost, Speaker



’30 Day Sales is a key tool for any business looking to develop new business. I say ‘tool’ rather than ‘book’ as this is not something you simply read, nod in agreement, and put down. Gary has broken the sales process into 30 daily areas and offered simple yet effective advice on each area.Most importantly he challenges the reader to complete an exercise after each section.

Take this book and complete a section a day and you will see the difference in the proposals you send out….and in the invoices you issue’

Andy Lopata, Networking Mentor and Spoeaker



‘If you are new to business or know you have started running without foundations in place, then this 30 day challenge will be a great place for you to visit’
Sarupa Shah, The Soul Agency

This is the sales guide for the non sales person! This 30 Day Challenge will:



*Take you from feeling worried about selling to loving helping people buy

*Teach you easy ways to get customers to come to you.
*Help you to find how to close more sales with less effort.
*Show you how to plan and structure a successful sales meeting.
*Help you to know how to manage sales objections successfully so the customer wants to buy from you
and more!


This book is for anyone who doesn’t class themselves as a salesperson but needs to sell for their job or business.



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