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Inside the Entrepreneurs Mind

The book is not a “how to guide”, it comes before that!   It is about the mindsets of the interviewees, with Gary succinctly summarising the themes that emerged into valuable guidance to the aspiring entrepreneur.   If you want to try and avoid driving up a blind alley, take the helicopter view first!”

David Lewis, Chartered Accountant

Gary Gorman has produced a little gem here…. a book that is inspiring, useful and will spark many ‘aha’ moments, as you read the collective wisdom of those who have trodden the path to running a business before you.

Susan Ritchie, The Confidence Mentor

A must read for anyone who wants to run their own business and take charge of their own career path.

Jozefa Fawcett – Learning Specialist, Business Vocal Coach, Quality Assessor and International Speaker

Being able to get this unique insight into the minds of these 21 achievers is an amazing collection of knowledge, inspiration and self belief.

Sheena Wyatt, Freelance Trainer



This is a great book for anyone in business who has that moment of self-doubt or who simply needs a push in the right direction.”

Taryn Johnston,

Ever wondered why entrepreneurial business owners want to risk it all when they could very easily settle for a ‘proper job’? What makes them dust themselves down and carry on when everyone around them is saying ‘it won’t work’? In this series of 21 inspirational interviews Gary Gorman spills the beans on what makes the real life business owner tick….and how you can do the same!



Gary has quizzed 21 real life entrepreneurs about the challenges they have faced getting their businesses up and running. But these aren’t the untouchable mega-rich business personalities found on our TV screens, they are down to earth people facing the same challenges and day-to-day issues that test modern day business owners week in and week out. You’ll read about such people as Brad Burton, Andy Lopata, Simon Jordan, Jenny Flintoft, Geoff Ramm, Sharon Wright, Steve Clarke….and many more.



They’ll tell you what got them through in times of difficulty and how you can avoid making the same mistakes. They’ll tell you about the inner strength you’ll need in order to follow your dream and build a sustainable and fulfilling business. Some stories are genuinely soul searching. You’ll read about Ebay sellers, ‘Deal or No Deal’ contestants, early school leavers, corporate ‘suits’, a bankrupt and a Dragon’s Den contestant. You’ll be moved, inspired, motivated and want to get out there, prove people wrong and make it happen for yourself!



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