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Tag Archives: Language

Guest Blog: How to get out of your own way by Sue Ritchie

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For this guest blog I’m delighted to welcome SUE RITCHIE who explores how we often self sabotage our own business….and how to avoid doing it! How to get out of your own way: 7 things to ‘stop’ in order to ‘go’ When was the last time you had one of ‘those’ days? The days when […]

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Asking the right selling questions

The secret of successful selling is to ask the right questions.

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Language Patterning: guest post by Nick Hill of Binary Vision

As a business owner or ‘communicator’ you’re in the business of getting results and when you start to think about business situations you come into, contexts in which you communicate and the differing outcomes that can possibly occur you’ll soon realise that your thought processing and communication is geared towards an outcome that is generated […]

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