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“Just a note to say thanks for the sterling work you did yesterday. The Account Managers have come in today refreshed and bubbling. They thought the half day coaching session had been a better use of time than many of the two day courses they’ve been on previously”
David Kent,Learning and Development Manager, Coors Brewers, Burton-on-Trent

“Many thanks for a good job.Your insights have been invaluable as we continue to develop our people”

Philip Champ, Managing Director, Central Medical Supplies Ltd, Leek, Staffordshire
“You have a natural aptitude for training and coaching.Your ‘learning by doing’ approach puts people quickly at ease”

Stuart Nielson,Sales Director, CibaVision, Southampton

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learnt loads, and can put it all into practice immediately”

Lisa Cooper,Senior Product Manager-Nurofen,Crookes Healthcare, Nottingham
“Have to say most upbeat course I’ve ever been on. Didn’t have to fight sleep or yawns once! Now that’s unusual on a training course!

Joanna Bolton-Wiggins, Rural Chic, Lincoln
“I will go away with some really useful sales tools that I can instantly apply back in the workplace”

Philip Pratt, General Manager, DHL, Daventry
“I know I speak for everybody when I say that the key account course was a great success. So much was covered and so much achieved in such a short space of time. I have rarely been involved in a course where everyone participated so fully and in such a positive manner….brilliant!”
Bob Tully, National Account Manager, William Ransom and Son PLC, Hitchin
“Gary is a true professional and that rare person who genuinely wants to help people achieve their true potential; he has a wealth of experience and will show you how to easily and effortlessly sell more of whatever it is that you sell. If you want to learn how to make more sales very, very quickly, I highly recommend that you go and see Gary sooner rather than later…”
John Kettley, Managing Director, The Sales Masters Guild, Stevenage
“I have always found Gary to be extremely professional and delivers fully against the required brief. This is achieved through his exceptional knowledge of the industry and a personable approach that gains other people’s confidence and quickly Gary has them ‘with him’ eager to learn and to gain those extra skills. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any company wanting to improve the competencies of its team”

Neil Murphy, Sales Director, William Ransom and Son PLC, Hitchin
“I have worked with Gary on a couple of training projects in relation to sales and have found him to be both professional and approachable. The feedback from the sales team he trained has also been highly recommended”

Mandy Willmore, Managing Director, Powermed Plus Ltd., Oxford
“Just wanted to say thank you for running the networking workshop yesterday. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we got excellent feedback”

Hannah Sanderson, Careers & Employability, University of Lincoln
“Gary cured me of my salesphobia!”

Sherie Griffiths, Savvy Business Ltd., Chelmsford, Essex
“Gary’s enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity make him an invaluable asset to any business.”

Simon Poole, Managing Director, Twenty20 Financial Consultants Ltd., Nottingham
“Gary is one of the best sales trainers I have come across. He has that wonderful ability to demystify sales for non-sales people like me. He brings a great clarity to the methods to use and approaches that work …and his workshops have helped me a great deal! Highly recommended!”

Garry Mumford, Managing Director, Insights Associates, Bishops Stortford
“ It’s clear to see that Gary knows his stuff. We took on board his sales advice and watched our sales instantly grow as a direct result. Thoroughly recommend working with him.”

Katie Millman, Marketing Director, JAM Media Response, Watford.
“Gary has helped me with sales training and has introduced me to the world of social media marketing. On both occasions Gary providing excellent training using his extensive experience and knowledge of the subject. He has a presentation style that is easy and very enjoyable to listen to. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.”

Ben Callaghan, Managing Director, BGC Events Ltd., Oakham
“Gary is clearly extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the field of sales and marketing. He was able to deliver these ideas in an extremely practical and, more importantly, easily implementable way.

I met with Gary every three weeks throughout 2010. After only a couple of sessions with him, I quickly realised that Gary’s skills were not just limited to the field of sales and marketing. He helped me greatly as an objective third party who I could confide in and work through important business issues with.

Gary was able to quickly fathom my strengths and weaknesses as a business manager, and as a person, and offer advice and feedback in a sensitive and supportive manner. Each time Gary came to see me, I felt like the weight of the world had been taken off my shoulders. He gave me renewed perspective and vigour to push forward onto the next challenge

Thank you Gary for making my business year more manageable, productive and enjoyable.”

Sean Barkes, The Sean Barkes Clinic, Lincoln
“Gary Gorman is very much a hands on trainer with a great deal of practical experience in selling.This helps him to credibly communicate and get immediate acceptance from the participants. He has a very systematic approach and well – prepared methodology.

His training is interesting and very interactive drawing on the experiences of the participants, enabling him to get maximum involvement and team motivation”

Rudy M. Tubbeh,Managing Director, Sager Pharma, Budapest, Hungary
“Gary is a fantastic guy to work with. His passion and energy are second to none. I can’t recommend him highly enough. If you are fortunate to work with him then you’re in for a treat.”

Simon Jordan, The Simon Jordan Marketing Consultancy, Tonbridge, Kent.
“Thanks for an excellent workshop. Everything presented and discussed has assisted me in gaining a clearer understanding of negotiation theory”

Peter Harink, Pharmacy Sales Manager,Boots Healthcare International, Sydney, Australia
“Gary is an excellent person to work with – full of knowledge and ingenious tips and perspectives. I remember our first meeting where he totally blew me away with how he immediately made me think differently and apply that to my business. Also, I couldn’t have asked for more in the services he provided my team as part of his selling skills course. I would not hesitate to recommend Gary – he’s a thorough professional”

Aegean Thompson,Senior Communications Manager, RBS Global Banking, London
“Gary does what he says on the box! I asked him to help me with some sales training and his approach was very relaxed but he definitely made me think. As a result, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my sales”

Ruth Lynsey, F1 Services, Melton Mowbray
“Gary is a great trainer, extremely knowledgeable, professional and reliable. He relates really well to delegates as he’s down to earth, warm and engaging.”

Sharon Gaskin, The Trainers Training Company, Worcestershire
“Gary is very professional and is not just a brilliant trainer, he has the experience to back it up. Gary works hard at making sure all his clients are performing at their best.

I am always amazed at Gary’s passion for the work he does and I would have no issue whatsoever recommending Gary to others”

Glenn Harris, Efficient Training Solutions, Derby
“Having attended several of Gary’s training sessions I have always found him knowledgeable, enthusiastic and he has a great common sense way of putting information across’.

Craig Tulip, Utility Warehouse, Peterborough
“I recently attended a Social Media for SMEs course run by Gary. His training style was natural, good fun but above all informative, helpful and practical”

Paul Farmer, Isis Training, Lincoln