As business returns to some form of normality trading margins are going to be coming under increasing pressure. Many customers are already demanding terms improvement to make up for the profit hit they’ve taken over the last few difficult months. Recently I ran a 30 minute webinar asking the question: Is your team ‘negotiation ready’ for what’s coming their way?

In the session I go through five key things to consider as your sales team make their way through this period and in particular how do you approach potentially tricky negotiations with a customer you can’t afford to lose?

The five key things are:

  1. Have an aligned strategy. It’s crucial that the whole organisation is aligned behind a RESIST strategy or a RE-SET strategy.
  2. Challenge any pre-conditions designed to throw you, including apparently ‘urgent’ deadlines.
  3. Get inside their head-understand their perspective as part of your detailed preparation.
  4. Make all moves conditional on getting something in return.
  5. Focus on the positives and build on areas of common ground rather than areas of conflict.

You can see the video of the webinar by clicking below

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