Have you ever wondered what buyer’s find the trickiest element of negotiation?

What is the biggest mistake suppliers make when it comes to negotiating the deal or the contract?

I explored these areas, and many more, when I interviewed Moyra Race.

Moyra has over thirty years experience of buying having worked with brands such as Bvlgari, Seiko, Martin James, Hermes, Ray Ban and Sainsbury’s and she shared many ‘nuggets’ including:

How buyer’s view risk.
How an agreement is not just about price and margin.
Why suppliers should avoid ‘fluff’.
When suppliers should introduce ‘the financials’.

You can listen to the whole interview here


I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful. Pop any comments in the box below..I’d love to see what you found most useful.

You can find out more about Moyra by visiting www.moyrarace.com

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